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Our Services

At Midwest Multicare we strive to offer the newest and best techniques in the health care field.

ADJUSTMENTS/ MANIPULATION: Manual and tool-based manipulation of various joints to restore proper nerve communication and function
COX FLEXION/DISTRACTION: Non-force manual adjustment procedure to gently stretch and separate different parts of the spine. 
DECOMPRESSION THERAPY:  Motorized traction to gently stretch the spine relieving pressure on spinal discs
DIGITAL HIGH-FREQUENCY X-RAY: Onsite, immediate image services provided for proper diagnosis and treatment of subluxations
INTERFERENTIAL CURRENT STIMULATION:  Low-frequency electrical stimulation to nerves and tissue surrounding an injury or pain site
NEUROMUSCULAR  ELECTRICAL STIMULATION:  Elicitation of muscle contraction to reduce spasm and rehabilitate muscle tissue
INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION: This therapy provides relief for those patients with disc problems and nerve compression.
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE:  Mobilization of soft tissue to restore normal systemic and biochemical functional use
NERVE FUNCTIONING:  Computerized nerve scanning to detect pressure on nerve roots, inflammation and range of motion issues
ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES:  Custom fitting of supports and appliances to assist in the healing process
FOOT ORTHOTICSCustom cast shoe inserts to correct foot, knee and pelvic misalignment
THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE:  Custom exercise protocols to strengthen and correct muscle maladaptations inhibiting spine health and function
NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING:  One-time or ongoing coaching regarding food choices, supplementation, fluid intake and caloric balance.