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Get Adjusted: Our Chiropractor Studio Call

When you think of a chiropractor, your first thought is probably neck and back problems. But, could seeing a chiropractor have even more benefits than just helping those aches and pains? Dr. Blair Hunt from Midwest Multicare joins us with answers to your chiropractic questions.

Taking Care of the Season's Stress

 The hustle and bustle of the holidays can cause a lot of headaches and tension. But feeling tired and frustrated are just a couple of the problems stress can cause. Dr. Blair Hunt from Midwest Multicare talks about how stress affects our bodies and how seeing a Chiropractor can help.


The A-B-C's of Nutrition and Vitamins 101

Whether it's vitamins or what you decide to put on your plate - we all know proper nutrition is important. But how does it affect our bodies? Doctor of Chiropractic Blair D. Hunt from Midwest Multicare shares the A-B-C's of Nutrition.

Health Benefits of "Cardio on Steroids"

We all know that diet and exercising are important - but how do they play a role in your chiropractic care? Dr. Blair Hunt from Midwest Multicare has advice and solutions for maximizing the benefits of your trips to the chiropractor.

Caring Chiropractic - Dr. Hunt's Clinic Abroad

We haven't seen Doctor Blair Hunt from Midwest Multicare for a month, and a lot has happened for him since we last saw him! He's back with us now with a look into his clinic trip abroad!

Good Company 4-22 Midwest Multicare

Mark came in and got his first adjustment from Midwest Multicare. It was a pleasure working with him. One thing about getting adjusted here is that we match the technique with the patient.  If one technique is ineffective or not within a patient's comfort zone, we will change and adapt for that patient. We want Midwest Multicare to be a place of healing, not a place a person dreads going to.

Good Company 5-4 Midwest Multicare Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy

Being a mom-to-be can be a difficult time. Your body endures physical changes and challenges all the way up to the time of delivery. Dr. Blair Hunt of Midwest Multicare Chiropractic explains how chiropractic care can help make the journey - and even giving birth - easier.

Avoid Summer Aches

If your summer activities have you in pain by the end of the day...the Doctor is in!
Dr. Blair Hunt from Midwest Multicare Chiropractic joins us tonight with some summer solutions for your back problems.