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Clinic Abroad:  Where Residents Become Doctors

Dr. Hunt served as one of only a handful of professionals in the world chosen to work with the Palmer College of Chiropractic Clinic Abroad Program.  He served as a Faculty Instructor from 2007-2015, leading scores of students into their first true hands-on experience administering the techniques they had learned at Palmer. 
Manaus, Brazil

2015: Manaus, Brazil

Working in the heart of the amazon was an amazing experience. We treated approximately 3400 people, seeing miracles every day. As chiropractors, we firmly believe that our bodies have the ability to heal; sometimes our system just needs help making the connections. That is what we did.

While in the country, we were able to witness the "Meeting of the Waters"; an incredible one-of-a-kind site in nature. /https://www.sciencealert.com/what-causes-brazils-meeting-of-the-waters


2011: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This was an amazing experience.  We partnered with Dr. Gregory Thomas, the island's only chiropractor, as our liaison during this trip.  For the two weeks we served, we functioned as the main healthcare providers on the island, where access to care is limited; two nurses to serve the entire population. In particular, the doctors had a chance to focus on the needs of the children of Bequia.

Upon arrival the, the ferry delivered us to the incredible Victoria Harbor, which is an unforgettable site.  We visited a turtle sanctuary where sea turtles are protected and rehabilitated. 

While on the island, we were able to visit sites where Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" had been filmed.   (This, of course, suited Pirate, er, Dr. Hunt just fine!)


2008: Fiji

We carried the Chiropractic torch in Fiji in 2008. We worked in various settings including a village that had only achieved running water approximately six months before our arrival.  This was a very difficult trip for the participants.  However, our own discomfort was easily put into perspective when realizing that we would be returning to our modern day conveniences, while the hearty natives would be remaining in their difficult circumstances.   

Salvador, Brazil

2007:  Salvador, Brazil

Dr. Hunt, along with three other doctors, an outstanding organizer, and twenty three students worked for a week in two local hospitals in Salvador, Brazil. Their job was to help the local people through Chiropractic. 

In the course of the week, the students saw in excess of 4000 patients. They would begin lining up for treatment at 2:30 am and be waiting patiently at 8:00 am when the team would arrive.

As with every trip abroad, the students were able to put into practice the skills they had learned at Palmer.