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Tori, LMT

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts. While a student at Eastern, I studied English and Spanish. After teaching both English and Spanish from the ages of 2nd grade to a community college level for four years, I attended massage school at Midwest Technical Institute. I actually attended with my mom, who is also a therapist. I graduated in 2006 and was licensed that same year. I taught massage for seven years and worked in the field on the side while teaching. I loved teaching, and I learned so much from every student I had with every question they asked me. In so many ways, I feel I learned more as a teacher of massage than I did with my first massage jobs.

While I will miss parts of teaching, I am so excited to be getting back into the massage field full-time. I look forward to each client I can work with, be it for relaxation or pain relief. I am excited to take my favorite parts of teaching and bring those aspects to both myself and my clients as we work on individual needs per session.

I believe massage involves both the client and therapist to be most effective. Clear communication is the key to a successful working relationship. To get results for a client, I strive to listen to each of my clients with full attentiveness and ask any necessary questions of them. I also believe in treating the whole person. To me, my clients are more than their need for a session--there is a person behind that need. Whether you are coming in to relax or seek pain relief, I look forward to working with you through open and honest communication, listening, asking questions, and feedback.


Let’s start your healing journey together!